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Signs for Swingposts

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30"x24 Dome Panels

Many different materials are available for hanging signs.

Prices Include: 2 Top Holes with 2 Grommets/Eyelets depending on material for reinforcement, 2 Bottom holes. Grommets/Eyelets for reinforcing bottom holes .30 cents per hole.

Choose hardboard if sign will be used with our Double Stake Open Top H Frames #270 or #262.

CUSTOM ARTWORK Designed specially for you, at no extra cost.

Aluminum panels automatically have round corners. For round corners on any other material add .50 cents per panel.

Our standard hole locations are 17" apart on top, 1/4" diameter, 12" apart on bottom, 1/4" diameter. If Choosing Non Standard hole location please provide your locations.

Sign Calculator Sign Designer Tutorial

    Follow these easy steps to design your signs and calculate the price.
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Panel Color Options (Number of colors printed on sign.
Do not include white or standard background colors.)
  Total number of colors?:  
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Choose a Material
  Hardboard (3/16" thick)(2 Gromments included) No Charge
  .125 Polystyrene $3.40 ea.
  .040 Aluminum $3.70 ea.
  Plywood (1/2" thick) $3.10 ea.
Frame & Panel Options:
Please choose one.
  2 Eyelets Bottom $0.30 ea.
Standard Stock Options
  Drill Top: No Drilling No Charge
  Drill Top: 14" on Center No Charge
  Drill Top: 16" on Center No Charge
  Drill Top: 18" on Center No Charge
  Drill Top: 19" on Center No Charge
  Drill Bottom: No Drilling No Charge
  Drill Bottom: 14" on Center No Charge
  Drill Bottom: 16" on Center No Charge
  Drill Bottom: 20" on Center No Charge
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