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Dee Sign offers angle iron and round rod steel frames powder coated in your choice of black or white high gloss finish. Our frames are the highest quality, most durable product on the market.
Pricing in this section includes the price of the metal frame and the sign panel. Some of our models also include a stock rider for each sign purchased.

Complete Signs:

Our ¾” and 1” angle iron frames in the “Complete Signs” section do not use bolts or screws in order to hold the sign panels in place. Riders or inserts are also held in using spring clips allowing you to easily change the message on your signs.

Bolt-In Steel Units:
Contour frames use 5/6 ” round rod and our Zeus unit made of angle iron utilize bolt-in steel panels. Our hole positioning allows for interchangeability with other regional manufacturers’ products so that your riders and other sign panels will fit with these products.

Lightweight signs:
We also offer a selection of lightweight signs that have durable plastic panels folded over a metal stake. These signs have a modern, clean finish. If you are looking for something different than the norm… check these signs out.

Directional Signs:

Pointing clients from main roads through neighborhoods to your listings is a highly effective way to increase traffic and in turn sales. Our “Directional Signs” are printed on both sides, and are surrounded by our angle iron frame. These signs are a favorite among our customers who need a heavy duty and versatile directional sign.
If you need to buy just frames, you will find pricing in the “Frames Only” section.
If you need a size that does not appear on the web, we will be happy to customize a frame to your specifications for a very small extra charge. y


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