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Dee Sign offers angle iron steel frames powder coated in a black high gloss finish. Our frames are the highest quality, most durable product on the market.
Pricing in this section includes the price of the metal frame and the sign panel.

We offer the same frames with many different panel materials with three different layouts. We have standard signs that display the agent name and company information. If you are interested in promoting yourself you may click on the subheadings for blue and white or color photos. All of our photos are printed directly on the panel. We do not use a sticker or laminate to produce these signs.

Most of our angle iron frames in this section do not use bolts or screws in order to hold the sign panels in place. Riders or inserts are also held in using spring clips allowing you to easily change the message on your signs.

Our model number A22 is a bolt in unit with steel panels. Our hole positioning allows for interchangeability with other regional manufacturers’ products so that your riders and other sign panels will fit with these products.

We also have a lightweight model sign that weighs only 6.5 pounds. If you want a sign that is easy to handle, but gives you great durability, this is an excellent choice.


RE/MAX Frames Only

18x30 Panel
222 Frame

4 Ft. Stake for Signs

4 Ft. Stake for Signs - with pennant holder

H30H Frame for Corrugated Signs
18x24 Panel
NS07 Frame
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