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We manufacture three styles of A-Frames at different weights so that you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Please remember, although lighter signs are easier to carry, they will be more susceptible to falling over in heavy winds. If you desire open house models to stick in the ground, you will find we have great selection of these products as well.

Our open house signs are available in stock and personalized designs. The stock designs are inexpensive, yet can be customized with your name in the arrow to create a personalized look for only $5.00 (minimum 3).

When you need to spend as little as possible on open house sign because they always seem to disappear, we suggest that you look at out corrugated products.
Our 292 & 294 products fold a 4mm corrugated sheet over a metal frame. It is our opinion that these are the most sturdy and best-valued corrugated signs on the market. When you need the least expensive sign and short-term life, buy a single corrugated panel and use one of our disposable frames. These signs are not up to the normal Dee Sign quality product standards, but are widely used when price is the main concern.

Our least expensive sign for directing traffic to your properties is a single corrugated panel that can be placed on a wire frame. These signs are available in a square, house shape or arrow design. Please remember that these are inexpensive, and as a result, less durable than our other signs.



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